the last time I drank

Any guys out there 45 or so who have been drinking since they were teens? If that”s you then you might relate to having a screwdriver for breakfast,beer for lunch and wine and then more wine for dinner, I would wake up in my driveway hanging out of my car having no idea where I had been the the night before or how I drove home. I woke up wondering “did I hit anyone? kill anyone?” I kept wine makers in business with the the amount of wine I consumed. I would urinate on the floor by my side of the bed many times. This will shock no one: My wife said one day,”I will always love you, but I am not in love with you anymore. I can”t stay and watch you kill yourself or worse yet, kill someone else.” I promised to quit but she had enough and left me after 30 years of marriage. My friends said how great I must feel, I could keep drinking! The second the door shut,I never took another drink. I was so ashamed of the damage I caused to my marriage,health, and the fact I could have killed someone or myself. I am asked all the the time how do you stop drinking without help? Candy, I reply, lots of candy. The first week was hard without a drink but candy works. Did I gain weight? How about 100lbs! Have I lost the pounds? why yes, thanks, I have. I bet I can run 12 miles faster then you can. Don”t drink and drive! Then you would feel ashamed like me.






























































the world of dial telephones

I am a 63 year old man. Stop with the old jokes. I bet you can”t run 12 miles a day as fast as I can. You don”t care do you? I am old enough to remember when a telephone had no push buttons. You had to dial one number at a time, we had partylines,(they were cheaper) you had to wait for your neighbor to get off the phone.  You could pay a dime and use a public phone. the only feature on a phone available was that it worked. When car phones came out, they were huge. Over the years, the phone died. We have in it”s place a computer. I tried to cancel my “land Line” but my cable company would charge me more for the other products I buy from them. I still don”t see how the logic works in their thinking. Now when I get a call, I can see who is calling. I have the power. I can put salesmen on the do not call list, I can watch a movie, listen to music, find my way, take pictures my son says I have no idea all the things my smart phone really does. I know I am stupid. I remember When you picked up a phone, you wanted to call someone. I remember when you would see movies on big screens. Maps showed me how to get somewhere. Television sets were not the size of actual movie screens. Thinking has been taken away; now all we have to do is push or tap a screen. You kids are missing  something. Guess what it is?

We have no septic system in our house

Can I borrow $4,000? anyone? I  will pay top interest! what is a drain field anyway? Now I have to drive to stores to use the restrooms. My  bathroom smells, man what a mess. I am told they are bringing in machines to tear up my back yard! Yes! I am feeling sorry for my self! I have to put all this money on my line of credit. I know I am asking you to go to http://www.Pumps for In Africa they have nothing. There, children die every 20 seconds from drinking dirty water. The illness, the sewage, the quality of life for the poor in most villages would make you vomit. I have pictures of villages of children sitting in sewage in South Vietnam in 1969. I live in America. I feel put out that my backyard will be ripped up and I will owe the bank some money. If you believe I feel that; I have  free gold for every reader.

I knew we should have changed the wiring in this house

I live in an old house with a great view with low rent. My running friend has warned me the wiringshould be brought to code. I mentioned it to my friend who owns this house but he said the wiring was just fine. Last night wiring slowly sendt fire threw out our house. Soon flames are everywhere. Teddy the cat is safe,my son is out, my lady friend is screaming for me to hurry and get out. I grab a picture of a little girl in Viet Nam playing with my pet gibbon. My scrapbooks; where are they? one picture of my grandmother and me. She was maybe 5 feet tall, I am 6 foot 3 inches tall. I need my old dictionary I have had for 30 years. My arms found all of the above and then I ran back and grabbed as many books as I could find. My  war medals burned I felt nothing. Pictures of my ex-wife and I burned; I am sad about that. maybe the burned pictures were fitting. when things like a fire happens, what matters in your life comes racing out and slaps you in the face. My son,cat, and lady friend are safe. I have the items I care about and will ask about the wiring in my next house.

A misty gray afternoon

It”s 3:35p.m. I am looking outside and it makes the runner in me want to run. Above the emerald plain house across the street stand evergreen trees erect tall and proud. Those trees were here before World War Two. We humans come and go; if we just leave them alone, they speak through the afternoon mist of natures beauty and power to withstand storms, and man made folly.I wish the broken down ford in my neighbors driveway would be covered up, how can the trees be right behind his house? It seems weird. I see to my right my religious neighbor whose backside  of her home is only visible. She goes to stores and gets outdated food and shares it with all of us. She is lovely, I have yet to be able to eat one piece of food she has given me in  5 years. Rain is falling heavier now, the mist is makes the plantslife flourish. When I run in a few minutes, I won”t wear my hood. The air this afternoon is as pure as it it can be. the rain, the mist will wash away my sins. I laugh as as people say “what a dreary afternoon”. The evergreen trees just winked at me, I heard the birds laughing, I am soaked, my soul has been cleansed. I just had to look out my window.