Too funny? Not funny?

September 11 2001 is a date all of us will never forget. I had a girl friend who was a flight attendant who had a fellow worker die on one of the planes. My friend quit her job. She had dreams that she was on one of those planes headed to one of those buildings on a beautiful day knowing she had seconds left on this earth. Less then a week later, a comic made a joke about meeting a friend a friend at Kennedy airport in New York but the plane was late due to an unexpected stop. He was talking about the crash. No one laughed. He was a major comic, after that, he makes commercials. Some things or events are off limits. In Vietnam we would make jokes about terrible things such as death,God,. Fat dead guys. Once a head fell out of a body bag. The fellows made me go chase it as it rolled away from me. It had to to be raining. The guys were laughing so hard I thought they would wet themselves. When a new guy got sick seeing what was happening; that made it even funnier. No that was not funny. When you deal with Death all the time…….well you sort of change. Anything can be funny if you are not trying to mock a person. I mean in any way. I have made jokes about a person having red hair. I had no idea it bothered her until she told me. I have a thick skin. I am almost bald. Nothing is off limits when my friends talk about me. They also know I can"t fix anything and am a slob. It"s amazing I have friends now that I think about it! So go make some one laugh! do it in good taste!.

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