I am a True Blue guy all the way, I am more Liberal than Most liberal"s I know. I would love to see a single pay system for insurance. Everyone would receive free higher education or training. Drugs would be legal. If you did a crime while high, prison would be your new home for a long time, Abortion would never be talked about because that really is a private matter between a woman and her Doctor. I could go on about me but the question is honest discussion and political correctness.difficult? I have found if I don"t know the person and he or she says some "right wing crap", I use humor. I might say, "I don"t think I am getting invited to dinner again, I just see that issue in a slightly different way." I"m nice even when my insides want to say:YOU ARE THE MOST STUPID PERSON I HAVE EVER MET! How cruel? Many times I have said "lets agree to disagree." I don"t think you can HAVE an honest discussion with anyone unless you know them. I am never mean or cruel to a person even when I am passionate about my belief. Courtesy is more important to me than being thought of as a bright guy, Don"t try to impress people with great conversations: be you.

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