Moved to tears

I was in a war a million years ago. I lost all emotions except feeling angry and numb. chemicals make you sleepy,alcohol makes you drunk, books makes you bored. Running was started by me to loose weight, I was a fat slob. I wrote many blogs under the name,"Pregnant Man". I lost well over 100 lbs by changing my life style. I started running for longer periods of time. My brain was flooded with chemicals called endorphins. I started feeling almost giddy after 2 hoursof running. I run down a long dead end street at dawn, I turned the corner and the sun was coming up,baby deer were eating on the side of the road. birds of all kinds were singing. I wanted to climb into nature,it was a picture . I burst into tears . Nature drew something from me I thought long dead. I was in a zone. I could see my body but I was somewhere else. My running friends laughed and said "nothing better than a runners high. " I take few pills these days. I run and listen to music. Nature has beautiful songs if you be still and listen. Run long and fast and think only about your breathing and Nature. Don"t be shocked if tears flow down your cheek.

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