the night the monster knocked on the door

I turned on our block and saw police cars in front of my house. Christine my neighbor ran to me with an ashen look. “what?” I said, “Mike two men broke in..”I said, we have insurance, I “ll go inside and see how much damage they did.” ” Mike it’s more, Angelina was home alone. She did the best she could but…….” my heart stopped, my throat suddenly  was closing shut. “is she okay? I asked.. “No, she is alive but was attacked. Do you mean sexually? “yes she is in the hospital now. I was in a daze as I wondered inside the house and gave a statement. I could feel the eyes of the cops watching my every reaction as I answered the questions. Finally I explode and ask “You have asked where I was, what I was doing, my friends were doing; I was getting long fine with my lady and my friends don”t rape.” Standard questions I was told. On the way to the hospital I was ashamed to be a man. To violate a someone like that! I want them dead. Suddenly I saw the point in how could you tell a woman what to to with her body. I even felt violated. My love and I had a special bond and an animal just grabbed her. I reach her room and I don”t want to open the door;: she is on the bed with bruises and a black eye, her eyes meet mine and she starts to cry. I walk over to the bed say nothing other than “I love you” I hold her as tightly as I can and we say nothing for at least 15 minuets. Finally she says”we have to move, I wont go back in that house!” Whatever you want kid, I said, I am sorry, so sorry I should never have never have left you alone. Then she said, “it”s not my fault I was raped. They are not taking my freedom as well. ” I said I will find them and destroy them. “Please don”t play tough guy with me, just be here for me, hold me, and we will get through this.They never have got the monsters yet, They will in time. I am more in love with my lady then ever. She taught me all about strength.




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