I should leave

 in early 2001, my wife left me saying she would always love me but was no longer “in love with me”. I was crushed.I knew it was coming she was tired of my drinking, P.TS.D. and wanted a new life. When she got out in the world, she needed money from me;she hated that. Finally she said “I am willing to come back but only to clean make your dinner things like that. ” She became very religious and moved into one part of the house and I in the other. We talk sometimes, but I make my own meals now, we have not hugged in 10 years. I pay all her bills while she spreads the word of God door to door. I have a girlfriend who knows about her and says to me “are you going to care for all her life?” She is not sick!” she simply wants to live with her bible and God and have you pay her bills!”The only answer I have is that I have know my wife since she was 17 and now she is 62. I know I have to leave her and move on. I really care for her but love my girlfriend more, I think I must summon the courage to say;:I was a lousy husband: you should have stayed away in 2001. I would have paid alimony. You came back, I have taken care of you but it”s 2013 now. The hours left on this earth grow fewer by the day. I want to hold a woman again,kiss her, I am tired of living alone in a room looking at a grey dirty ceiling. I need to do this:why is it so hard?



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