5 times perfect

My mother was a teacher. School was never easy for me. I was a medic in the service and had to be trained. Everything I needed to learn, I used a trick my mother taught me. I had to memorize a fact and be able to repeat it 5 times without making a mistake. I would always get to the 5th time and  mess up and have to start over! It was hard and I would yell sometimes but it got me through college with good grades. Now to learn anything, I read and study but I have to do it myself. Fixing my computer is a great example. I read, studied, memorized 5 times in a row but it only worked when I tried and failed, tried again, again, until I got something right!  What a great feeling to read, study, and finally do it yourself; fail, fail again until you get it right. My mom was beautiful. I loved her. She was a great teacher and without her teaching me how to learn and do things, I don”t want to think how I could have learned a thing.


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