the world of dial telephones

I am a 63 year old man. Stop with the old jokes. I bet you can”t run 12 miles a day as fast as I can. You don”t care do you? I am old enough to remember when a telephone had no push buttons. You had to dial one number at a time, we had partylines,(they were cheaper) you had to wait for your neighbor to get off the phone.  You could pay a dime and use a public phone. the only feature on a phone available was that it worked. When car phones came out, they were huge. Over the years, the phone died. We have in it”s place a computer. I tried to cancel my “land Line” but my cable company would charge me more for the other products I buy from them. I still don”t see how the logic works in their thinking. Now when I get a call, I can see who is calling. I have the power. I can put salesmen on the do not call list, I can watch a movie, listen to music, find my way, take pictures my son says I have no idea all the things my smart phone really does. I know I am stupid. I remember When you picked up a phone, you wanted to call someone. I remember when you would see movies on big screens. Maps showed me how to get somewhere. Television sets were not the size of actual movie screens. Thinking has been taken away; now all we have to do is push or tap a screen. You kids are missing  something. Guess what it is?


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