the last time I drank

Any guys out there 45 or so who have been drinking since they were teens? If that”s you then you might relate to having a screwdriver for breakfast,beer for lunch and wine and then more wine for dinner, I would wake up in my driveway hanging out of my car having no idea where I had been the the night before or how I drove home. I woke up wondering “did I hit anyone? kill anyone?” I kept wine makers in business with the the amount of wine I consumed. I would urinate on the floor by my side of the bed many times. This will shock no one: My wife said one day,”I will always love you, but I am not in love with you anymore. I can”t stay and watch you kill yourself or worse yet, kill someone else.” I promised to quit but she had enough and left me after 30 years of marriage. My friends said how great I must feel, I could keep drinking! The second the door shut,I never took another drink. I was so ashamed of the damage I caused to my marriage,health, and the fact I could have killed someone or myself. I am asked all the the time how do you stop drinking without help? Candy, I reply, lots of candy. The first week was hard without a drink but candy works. Did I gain weight? How about 100lbs! Have I lost the pounds? why yes, thanks, I have. I bet I can run 12 miles faster then you can. Don”t drink and drive! Then you would feel ashamed like me.































































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