We have no septic system in our house

Can I borrow $4,000? anyone? I  will pay top interest! what is a drain field anyway? Now I have to drive to stores to use the restrooms. My  bathroom smells, man what a mess. I am told they are bringing in machines to tear up my back yard! Yes! I am feeling sorry for my self! I have to put all this money on my line of credit. I know I am asking you to go to http://www.Pumps for Progress.org. In Africa they have nothing. There, children die every 20 seconds from drinking dirty water. The illness, the sewage, the quality of life for the poor in most villages would make you vomit. I have pictures of villages of children sitting in sewage in South Vietnam in 1969. I live in America. I feel put out that my backyard will be ripped up and I will owe the bank some money. If you believe I feel that; I have  free gold for every reader.


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