A misty gray afternoon

It”s 3:35p.m. I am looking outside and it makes the runner in me want to run. Above the emerald plain house across the street stand evergreen trees erect tall and proud. Those trees were here before World War Two. We humans come and go; if we just leave them alone, they speak through the afternoon mist of natures beauty and power to withstand storms, and man made folly.I wish the broken down ford in my neighbors driveway would be covered up, how can the trees be right behind his house? It seems weird. I see to my right my religious neighbor whose backside  of her home is only visible. She goes to stores and gets outdated food and shares it with all of us. She is lovely, I have yet to be able to eat one piece of food she has given me in  5 years. Rain is falling heavier now, the mist is makes the plantslife flourish. When I run in a few minutes, I won”t wear my hood. The air this afternoon is as pure as it it can be. the rain, the mist will wash away my sins. I laugh as as people say “what a dreary afternoon”. The evergreen trees just winked at me, I heard the birds laughing, I am soaked, my soul has been cleansed. I just had to look out my window.




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