I loved my mother-law

My mother never hugged. I knew she loved me but she was raised in a cold religious home where emotions were frivolous.My mother-law being opposite, became my mom. I could talk to her about anything. My wife kidded i was closer to her mom then she was. “Mom” had this thing she always wanted to say,”when your time is up;its up.” Why do you keep saying that, I would ask? “Because my time is now.” “Mom, your 57, you parents are alive, you have not gone to a doctor in months. I think your watching the wrong programs.” “Michael I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, I will find out then.” She had breast cancer, her humor was incredible.Just because you won”t see my body, don”t think you can treat my daughter badly mister! Tears would start, she would say,”what! I am the one who facing the big guy, I have some explaining to do, I can tell you that!” Laughing, I said Mom the medicine will work, you will be here kicking my butt for along time. “Michael did I ever tell you pigs fly? “As a 2 year combat medic, bronze star winner, back from Viet Nam, You think Your tough. The hardest thing I did and have ever had to do is walk into her bedroom and say goodby the night she was to die. She lay stiff as a board, starring straight up at the ceiling, focused on nothing, pupils very small, dolls eyes. mouth open. covers were thrown off. I covered her and said “Mom I am told your going on a journey soon. You will get to see all your relatives you have missed, you will see heaven and all its glory. You need to know That I will stay here and take care of your daughter,your grandsons, and I love you very much. I don”t want you to go, but if you must;I understand. I love you. Tears steaming down my my face I got up to leave and turned my back. I hear a voice, turn around, she is sitting up muttering something to me, I rush to her, she lays down, I kiss her cheek and leave. I tell the story to the doctor, he says,”son she is brain dead, you saw what you wanted to see.” No I thought, I saw what Mom wanted me to see.





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