My last Party

I want to thank you all for coming tonight, mike wanted a party, not a funeral. He even wrote his own eulogy. talk about conceit! anyway I think we are drunk enough for the reading of the eulogy. Here goes: “Hey folks Having a good time?  am watching you? Just kidding? boy my ex was right it is hot down here. No flames, just car salesmen, politicians, mega church leaders, wow.that”s a surprise. Oh! yeah, about me; I am sorry to my ex-wife. I should never have married so soon after VierNam. I Had seen so much blood.heard so much crying seen to much death. I was broken. I felt anger and Numb. I must admit I sucked at being a father, because I thought If I was nice and was a pal it would turn out great. Being  A good father does not mean winning a popularity contest with your kids. Okay I wised up,stopped drinking. And lived for the moment.I guess you could sum up my life like A play:2 acts. I drank and did some things right in the first half. I was a activist. once walked from Seattle to Boston to cave children in the second half. I have talked enough, say about me that my life was a work in progress. Who knows how I might have turned out? Now go back to the party!


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