It was only a storm

Stick your finger on a hot stove for a second, it seems like an hour, start work at 8:00a.m forever. Time is never changing,our perception of it does, Memory holds on to moments that happened 46 years ago, and discards things that happened last week. After you clean a window, look threw it. Its 46 years ago. Its the worst storm I have ever been in. I am in a village with a lady I am in love with in a room with roof leaking everywhere. war takes no break for the weather, You can hear the shooting. I have called for a chopper to come get us before the viet cong does. I am scared out of my mind but I bring her to my arms and smile and say “Who would be out in this weather?” were fine. She laughed. “we may die tonight.” Silently I said, “well if that”sthe case, I leave this world with your face as the last person I will ever see.” You must know how I feel about you?” The next hour  is what passion must mean. Not a word was spoken. when found, our clothes were torn and soaked, when asked what happened, she put a finger to my lips, I said “nothing, nothing at all”. I got to see Miss Lan one more time before she moved forever into my memories as the only woman I ever loved.


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