It was a stupid law

My son is mentally ill. The only thing to keep my 32 year old calm is, marijuana .The problem I faced was how would a non smoker,or drinker take a walk on the “wild side”. I really felt you met someone in a dark ally to make the buy. I wanted to buy a pound so I would not have to deal with this very much. $2,400 a pound? I gasp! that”s only because a Vietnam buddy say”s your cool.This stuff is just a plant for God sakes, “hey man, you get nailed with a pond of pot; guess where your headed! my heart was pounding. I give him the money, he says he will be back: he never comes. I tell my friend, we take a ride, we walk into the guy”s office, I am asked to wait outside; out comes my friend, I have my pot with extra thrown in. I never asked what happened to the thief. I am taught to turn the pound into tiny amounts. My friend stores most of the pot at his place. It”s nice to have met him when all I did is stop the bleeding. He says I saved his life. I was just doing my job, now we are brothers. My son is calm. I live in a state where small amounts of pot are legal. You still can”t buy it. You figure the logic.





One thought on “It was a stupid law

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