StopLooking at me!

your told to do funny things in Nam;really you are. Once I wasto told “dump” 50 cases of toothpaste sent by mistake.As medics, one job was to be in villages helping with dental care. One morning,a soldier hada little girl (6 maybe 7 years old) he asks for a tube, I give him one. Later I ask “why would he need it?” Laughter as I hear, lubricant I ask? a bomb explodes in my head. I learned about another kind of evil. I forget the lunch i ate yesterday; but her smile,her eyes looking back at me I see in my head this morning. I swear I would never have have given him the tooth paste. I was just a kid myself. Did grown men really do THAT to liitle girls? I remember throwing up when I found out.

He killed her. So did I.


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