to my granddaughter

You need to know Kali, when I found out your 16 year old mom was pregnant with my wild 15 year old son”s baby: I urged your mom to get an abortion. I am so ashamed of myself for telling her that. Your mom obviously had other plans, you were born, my son gave no financial help but I sure did.You looked just like a movie star! Oh! how much fun it was to take you places, your blue eyes were filled with wonder and joy as the circus came to town, the zoo was magic . Your father was not in your life, demons even when you were young had taken my son and your Dad and robbed him of joy, As you aged, I preached; please, never do drugs! don”t smoke! study.  You can be whatever you want to be. Time has a way of flying by; you and your mom moved to another state. You used to e-mail me all the time, I saved them all, wow: your a teenager now:I saw you for the first time in nearly two years. Life had not gone well for your mom, I am so sorry,she worked hard to support you with almost no help. I was talking with your mom, and you walk into the room. I looked at you;you looked at me; I try to smile, you sort of “grunt” an hello”You seemed stoned. I lost my sons, now I have lostyou as well. Is it in our DNA? I wish you would read this if only to remember one promise out of a hundred you made me ,to walk on another path than your dad. I beg you honey; I know it will be hard! get help! I love you Grandpa.



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