Your inner voice is always right

My Mother was smart. She owned companies,men worked for her, she would laugh at women”s

liberation. “Michael,she would say, Listen to your inner voice; follow it”; you may not want to sometimes,bit it”s always right,” I passed that advice to my sons. I preached it, day and night. I was a failure at following her advice and my oldest son let chemicals think his music and poems were real enough to become his reality. Delusion got in the way of listening to my inner voice.My not following my mothers advice; led to a life filled with delusion. I had to learn to listen to my soul, I told my sons, stop doing the things I did! Your young! Your inner voice is your soul; son; follow it; be real with yourself! It was to late. “Be true to your self” was advice I was given; gave;never followed;I paid a heavy price for my failure; be sure, I am true now.



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