Even for that part of that part of the world; it was hot! I was young, a medic, scared, right in in the middle of a battle the natives called “the black Virgin Mountain”. Wow,things were loud, fast and crazy. All I could here was:”doc.doc,overhere,overhere, I am on a helicopter. The jungle is lush. Men are being loaded on; I am busy trying to stop the bleeding on one of our guys, screams are making me deaf. Some one yells “look behind you!”” I turn around and and here comes this crazy laughing young guy right towards us. He was  a “bad” guy:”shoot him”. I felt like I swallowed my heart, I peed my pants, my guys needed my help,I was a medic with no gun, and am being yelled at. I promised myself I would never kill anyone.Suddenly my pilots pistol is in hand, I keep hoping this crazy man will just turn around, it seemed like hours while he ran; it was but a few seconds, he had crossed over the point of no return, I fire; blood splatters;he just sits sits down dead; time seemed to stop; I turned around and time seemed to start again. I knew, If I let myself die, the pilot would kill this kid anyway, and these kids might have died in the helicopter.  I promise you are never the same after you take a life, you just can”t be.


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