Are you Kidding?

I I once wrote at a place called:www.YMIdoingthis/author/johnfitz1. I was published 47 times. I give you that number not trying to impress you at all, simply that I wrote about things I knew about in my life. First,I called myself”Pregnant Man”, I weighed 323 lbs. I write how a weak man like me lost well over 100lbs, never went on a diet,went to a hospital, but through asking questions,reading, reading again, meeting some smart people, I found out about life style changes, why I ate like I did etc. I am willing to share what I have learned! I also have P.T.S.D.; I have been down some very dark holes in life, I can give someone a hand and pull them out. Bi-Polar means I have stopped my car on the freeway;gone to the car behind me,and was ready to kill the lady until I saw her baby in the back seat. Yes I am ashamed of myself for getting out of the car. Smart people have helped, I now can write about this disease from the point of view of a person who has it. Now I have Parkinson”s disease. Once again, I laughed till my side hurt; this problem might make you a bit “cranky” telling a bi-polar guy that this new problem he has might make him MORE angry? That”s like pouring gas on a fire. I have read books and bothered every smart person I can find about Parkinson”s. If you have it; Don”t be alone. I can”t cure you, but maybe I can find out an answer, maybe I can find a person for you to talk to; or maybe I can say I care! I really do, My sons have issues, I could go on and on. But pity the child who will die in 20 seconds because of dirty water. Pity the children in all wars. Cry for women who are abused in this country, children with out a home. Pity people in poverty; pity people who lost their soul.I walk 12 miles a day, and will as long as I can’. Call me the “Answer Man” And that”s what I will do for you! Laugh with me! give your pity to someone who needs it

Embrace the faith that every challenge

surmounted by your energy: every problem

solved by your wisdom; every soul stirred by

your passion; and every every barrier brought

down by your determination will ennoble your

your own life, inspire others serve your country,

and explode outward the boundaries of what is

achievable on this earth.

-Madeleine Albright



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