when does a wife become your mom?

I write all the time, Today”s pick hit “close to home”. It was to take a sentence from page 82 and tell a story. How about from a book written in 1991? “Men are from Mars and Women from Venis”? It talks about tapes the husband needs to read about sex. It was great the wife was trying to help but guys don”t  need other guys telling them anything in that department! my marriage is dead. It ended when,years ago, in an certain moment, I was asked if I  could take take out the garbage when I was done. It was over when plastic covered most of our chairs, religion ruled more than time alone. We stopped hearing each other, holding, kissing, hugging,and in the end; 41 years had gone by like a day. I had my own room.I paid all the bills,she washed the dishes, said hello, had her friends, my friends said divorce her!No I will take care of her as a friend, but I have moved on. My wife left me. The lady in in the other room is her broken spirit which I can never fix.



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