Who am I?

When I was young, I loved movies. Larger than life, far places, in the world, adventure. All the emotions were placed in front of me; I had no structure in my childhood only  misery. Movies were my escape. When I was old enough, I was told,”you want college? You pay for it!” I said okay by me! I was willing to join the army, go to war; anything to get away from my family!I had a chip on my shoulder as big as a boulder. Going to a poor country at war changed my life forever. Seeing evil made me understand what real problems are;to forgive the past and move on. Somebody named Maslow wrote this theory in the form of a pyramid which says you start at the bottom getting your basic needs met until you get to the top where you can become “you” I am not rich, but I am at a point in which I see the value of a rich life is not in the size of your house, or the “things” you own, but did you help save a life today? build a well? helping others is what what we should do. A rich and full life is to make our earth better then we found it, seek out the poor among us and feed and  and care for them. Don”t be selfish! care about the people who died in the Gaza strip recently, (how many even can show me where it even is?) A rich and full life is to have a soul; act on it; get involved in a cause you believe in; soon this writer will send information about a pump that will replace 50,000 bad pumps in Africa, It was designed in such a way a 7 year could use it. It”s felt thousands will live because of this pump; I get to tell you about it. As soon as its its legal; I will ask you to help fund it; but not yet; my point is just be asked to write the request; is to me a rich life.

our greatest pleasure is

that which rebounds from hearts

that we”ve made glad.

-Henry Ward Beecher



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