Michael says its time to move on

The Doctor usually smiled when I walked in his office. “We got the results of your brain scan back; its Parkinson disease. ” I asked “hey just because I have tremors, my hand jerks;”mike stop: the doc says, your left side of your brain tells me what I need to know. When news hits me like that; Its as if I am in a another world; I see the doctor, the words coming out of his mouth, but I don”t hear them. I am in another world. My body is giving me a future of  not knowing my phone number; buildings, you get angry, you jerk. Is this Life from now on? I have to leave blogging I think, “dragon” is know by all with a computer but it wont deal with putting  my brain back together. Don”t feel one bit sorry for me: feel for the child in Africa who will die in 20 secondsbecause of dirty water. Cry for children in wars everywhere, cry for the hungry; cold; think not so much about your self, but about your fellow man anywhere on this earth. Take better care of this earth; and its people; I am a spec of dust.

We are not living in eternity.

We have only this moment sparkling

like a star in our hand,

and melting like a snowflake.

-Marie Beyon Ray









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