This a book about you

I fought in a stupid war,(is their any other kind?) I saw things so ugly, they made such an impression so many years ago, its as if they happened last night. I used those events as an reason to drink more than 10 men, ruin my marriage, allow my two sons to drift into drugs and left me sitting one day with a cup of wine in one hand and pills in the other; I swallow all at once; out they all come; I laugh and think, “I am so stupid I can not even kill myself!” This book will take you on my journey from the bottom of a deep dark hole to beauty of the sun. If a weak man like me can do this, so can you, No matter what life has thrown your way; you will learn to turn and face it head on, heal, and how you become a stronger person for having lived through what you had to. You will be your own best friend. This book is your journey; take the walk with me

When you die and go to heaven, our maker is is not going

to ask, “why did”t you discover the cure for such and such ?”

The only question we will  be asked in that precious moment

is, “Why didn”t you become you?”

_Eli Wiesel




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