I let it slide: It cost two lives.

I had a troubled childhood, divorce, old stepfather who had not a clue how to deal with a kid like me. I had a mom who worked, was never there for me. I vowed When I became an adult; I would have a family just like I saw on television. In those days, It was Leave it to beaver,or father knows best. I work, mom stays home and raises the family. I Got part right, the wife, kids, nice house, great job, and I  gave great speeches to the boys when I was home. I was warned my wife that both boys were into drugs, a bad crowd, grades were slipping, I had a speech for each issue. I had no follow through. I never took the time to run down to the school,throw them into treatment, jail, whatever it took, let them no that I no longer would be “good old dad” but become someone who would follow them everywhere and not give them a chance to mess up. I should have said ” Wanna get me away from you? get good grades, and I will have you tested for drugs more often then you will want.” I was too nice. My sons slipped into the darkness; I into my wine; now I have addict adult sons, a marriage gone, all because I was chasing a dream that was nothing more then the wind. I want to move back time;I want May 25th 1980. I  know better now.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,but anyone can start today and and make 

a new ending.

-Maria Robinson


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