Wall street Journal: troops get ready for war.

My eyes scan the headlines; so much silly silly stuff! but then: Israel and the Gaza strip. Look at a map. You would be shocked how tiny that strip of ground is. Over a million people live there. They are stuffed together liked cattle going to slaughter; they have no dignity, and have an enemy just a few miles away thatcan blow them away. The Palestinian fighter is smart, he blends in with women and children, kill me; kill them! hatred in the Palestinian people for the state of Israel has been branded in their brain for decades. Most believe the day of judgment will not come until they fight the jews. talk after talk, year after year, they try to find peace. Wikipedia says 14, 500 have died this century, Maybe history says  their is isntanswer here. This group of people cant be be near each other; like animals in a zoo. How many women and children need to die so tough men can kill each other over tradition? Our country needs to learn from this! Iraq? our  war now? tradition goes back hundreds of years. The end game comes only when one side defeats the other side. We tell them, kill each other if your so stupid, but touch our country; and you will meet a big test. Cry for  for women and children who must die because “tough” men kill each other. It will never end.


One thought on “Wall street Journal: troops get ready for war.

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