Learning to write

Learning to write is hard work. During my life, I must have read hundreds of authors. Pages on each book would bring magic, excitement, sorrow, envy, soul gives insight to yours,. My childhood needed an escape;books gave me that. To be a writer! Wisdom flows fromauthors like water from  an ocean. A story about a medic, made me want to be a medic. Tears, blood. death, changed me forever. Authors words change history. Have people killed, have presidents elected. Authors change direction of a country.

I am a hack writer. I have stories. My brain still is working on forming my thoughts, ideas, into  words that might reach your soul; okay, just maybe that my words be read!, changed me forever. An author”s words changes world events; kills people; elects presidents. Authors come into your mind,into your soul, an author wants thought!

I must admit, your reading a novice at best; a hack, I have a story, a point of view, my brain, however,isstill  trying to make words look like something that reaches your inner soul; I need to keep trying !


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