It seemed liked just another day

when your eyes open for the first time on a day your life will change forever, you would think some part of your morning routine would be different. It is the same, its a gray rainy, gloomy, cold morning as you sit in the car waiting for the car to warm up. Your young, out of college, newly married, my heart said go apply at the University of Washington, get a masters in drama, like you really want to do. I could work part time jobs, be an actor! I  drive out of our brand new house my in-laws arrange for us, I feel trapped. I drive past the exit to the University and to a head hunter in the city, I was a medic in the army, and a college grad! wow! the headhunter said medical sales jobs will be bidding for my services. I was hired by a top company, given a new car to drive, I was making $50k a year when that was a big deal. That job turned into many good years of selling, I hated every one. I supported my family. I never followed my heart, never took the exit, one moment in time, on a gloomy, rainy, morning could have changed forever if I had taken the exit! taken classes, got bit parts. I would have thrown my heart and soul into the script; I was not after fame, I wanted to be all of those I had read about. listen to your inner voice! that is your heart,your soul trying to say this is who you are, this is your moment! Grab it!The world may still see a performance or two of mine. My inner voice is older, but last time I looked, old folks still hobble around a stage or two, so if you see a big old bald guy on stage; smile, and say “its about time you took your exit!”

Let go of the past and go for the future….Live the live you


-Henry David Thoreau



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