gee I wish I could change the world!

I wish my story could tell at at least one person to think about the whole world, not just where they can see. Oh how I wish I could say look at your son,daughter, niece, dead holding a doll or toy looking at you as you close the eyes. Why did you laugh at the over-priced coffee house today? Every 20 seconds a child died because of dirty water somewhere. Man are you selfish. Your soul is gone! Your humanity! Oh! man! I swam in an ocean of blood, cried gallons of tears, and 60,000 go to football games. I want my blog to grab you! open your eyes, scream: THIS COULD BE YOU; YOUR CHILD; THAT KNOCK ON THE DOOR; WE LIVE IN SYRIA NOW,  you have seconds to say I love you. death is at the door, rape first, they will do things to your family I wont tell you; I have seen it in war. You cant stop evil: I know: have a soul: give money to people who are fighting the devil, they need you.

There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time

is now.



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