Veterans Day

Earlier, I was called vain because I pressed Like about my own story. You need to know something about this writer. I blog because I think I have a few messages that I have learned in life. I am 63, at this age, I am well past the post of trying to impress anyone, beat anyone, make a million dollars writing; I hope simply to pass on a bit of history, what war is really like, how I lost 123lbs, and you can. Because of my war issues, I have income from you (thanks) to link up with doctors in many fields. I have many on speed dial, (I think they get a kick talking to a bronze star medic from the Viet Nam era who has such a hunger for education.) I get e-mails all the time from various exercise folks,heart docs, etc. I have files that would fill a small library. So read me as an old veteran who has seen much, made many mistakes, loves nature, and wants you to  fall into one less “hole” then he did. I promise to not let you know I like my stories anymore! I wont tag this; I will just hide!

The rich man is not one who is in possession of much, but one

who gives much.

-Saint John Chrysostom


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