did you ever say no to Lithium?

I am a guy with P.T.S.D. and one day after a heated outburst in a group I was in at the Veterans Hospital, found myself looking at a bald fat man in a smock; “Mr.FitzJohn, you are bi-polar, these pills will keep you from these “stunts” I have heard about. I replied “just because i get out of my car on a freeway in bumper-bumper traffic and start to pull the driver out the car for honking, or was a collector for an escort service, I caught myself , maybe I had a small problem, when I would do crazy things, I did them,I never thought what might happen, My body flew into a rage, sometimes I asked what just happened, I was told, we got our money, but we need to go. I moved on to Hyper mania. They said its Lithium for you; michael. It took time, I became 90, fell down, dizzy, heart goes crazy.

I tell the doc;”I will play nice, no stunts, I will take some pills but no lithium! Doc says,”last guy killed himself when he stopped.” I stopped; You should listen to your doctor! I walk 12 miles a day, 7 days a week. I leave people in their cars. I live moment to moment. I am calm only at dawn when I see the sunrise, and listen to the birds sing.

Nature and hours of exercise and as much air as possible that I can inhale, is better then any drug in any pharmacy!Ididthis, but my friend better not.

See how nature-trees,flowers,grass-grows in silence;see the

stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…We

need silence to be able to touch souls.

-Mother Teresa





One thought on “did you ever say no to Lithium?

  1. Someone asked if I said no to Lithium, that WAS THE POINT OF THE STORY! I admit I was unaware of what it was, I found out, the doctor said, “the last man who went off this much your taking, killed himself!” I went off that drug, I walk 12 miles a day to deal with issues I have, but

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