Soon it will be 2013! Wow !Welive in a world in which technology is getting better by the second, companies fewer and bigger, and its as if we are in a race; pick up that pace! faster! faster! You have no name now, an account number, you talk to a machine, not a person,have a bank account? leave $800 in it or you will pay fees for walking into the bank. time has never changed, our perception has. We are in a race with no finish line.You must give up being human and become half robot, you have numbers to remember! your name maters little. Hombot is half human and half human. That is the word for 2013, your memory bank will soon have more data ready for your brain to give to people then you ever thought possible. Privacy was given up years ago, Half robot means you can spend less time goofing off, more time to get that report in! coffee is now $7.00 a cup, okay, you pay little attention ms.robot, your smile is gone. Does a robot smile?You are have human and have robot: HUMBOT!

All of the other shallow things will not matter. I won”t

have any money to leave behind. I won”t have the fine

and luxurious things of life to leave behind. But I want to

leave a committed life behind.

-Martin Luther King,Jr





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