You have but this one moment

A neighbor lady died. 86. cancer, bad health, no shock, right? “I am going to die in two days!” ” stop that! nobody is that good!, what a great lady, a second mom, cards, small talk, I didnt want the evening to end. Her eyes all evening were distant. “I am so tired, thanks for all you have done!” It seemed so final! Two days later she died. I wish this was fiction. The above is true. Stop reading this for a second, look at the person next to you, really look at them! it may be the last you ever see them again! All your promised in this life is this moment, not the next! your heart could stop, the guy over there on the left is about to run the red light and kill you. You just dont know this yet but you have seconds left on this earth. In “my war” I was talking with a friend and right before he could finish talking, he was shot dead. Seize this moment! hug your wife,mother,children, wife, live like you will be dead soon, because you could be. A young football player drops dead somewhere all the time, death happens to all ages,all the time. The old dont own death. The next time you have lunch with a person, leave your cell phone in the car, and look then in the eye when you talk to them! You care right! Now hug someone, tell them everyman said to!

Believe in today.

Believe in each other.

_Kobi Yamadi



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