How a very fat guy who thought he looked “Pregnant” now walks 12 miles a day

I have been lucky. A place called YMdoingthis/authors/johnfitz1/ ode-to-my-father

has let me call myself “Pregnant Man” many times. Google that, You might find 25  pieces I wrote. I call myself “everyman, because I lost well over 125 lbs without ever going on a diet, going to a hospital, and I love every bad food made. I have no will power! I was, however, tired of looking like A BIG FAT SLOB!!!!part of why you might even want to give me a few seconds of your time is that I know many very smart people in many fields from weight loss, food, exercise, the way to train like the military, mental illness. etc,etc.etc. I have P.T.S.D., the Bronze star thing is mentioned only if you have been in the military; me to, I can walk down the pain road, I can also swim in nature at dawn, (only time to walk!) . So Shel Silverstein and I want you to:

“Listen to the MUSTN’TS,


listen to the donts-

listten to the shouldn”ts

the impossibles,

the wont”s-

listen to the never haves,

Then listen close to me.

Anything can happen


ANYTHING can be.



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