Ghosts for sale; a war; my one true love; $9.95

Everyman felt very old at the checkout stand buying milk, when looking to my right I see two movies for sale. For $9.99 you could learn the entire history of World War Two. Then to my shock, I see “my war”, “sell many of “these movies” I ask? “Oh! yes! those are very popular, its history. Why? were you there?You dont really know how beautiful green is  unless you were there. When you are young, alone, afraid, you grow up very fast, the right way or the wrong way. I was a medic, I also worked on teeth. I met a lady named miss Lan. Her hair was long, black, it looked like silk to me. It was such a dirty country! How could she stay so clean? Young men felt lust, I felt love. I didnt talk to her much, I didnt want her to know how I felt. One sad night, I was trying to save a little girl, 5 maybe 6. Lan was our interpreter, “quick, I said, ask her, her favorite color, confused, I was told. I said,”you lucky girl, soon you will be in a yellow meadow playing with your friends!” Lan looked at me and said,”she smiled before she died.” Well said I. I had to send her off with somethingto hope for. Lan Kissed me, left me that night and moved into my memory. I dont want to know what the enemy did to Lan and her family, IJust dont.I cant remember what I had for dinner last week, but I remember that night as clear as a new window. Dont buy the movie. People should not profit on an ocean of blood and my tears,











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