You could at least say thanks.

I need a new car. I hate car repairs, spending money on brake jobs, transmission,etc.When I stop at a red light, I thought, I dont even know who fixed my brakes! what if I went through this light and hit someone? I should at least say thanks to that guy!You should say thanks to Kyle R. Rockey, and Jonathan P. Schmidt. Jessica Wing, wow, a great lady!. and Maybry J, Anders, a nicer guy at age 25 you would ever want to know. I hope you are okay with names, because, I have one thousand ninehundred and seventy more to go. You must know all of these folks were just like you, well, except, one thing, they DIED for you. 99% of you can name 1 players name in your towns footballs team. Unless the dead were part of your family, how many of the few names I mentioned did you know? This second, Americans are in an evil place, called the “sand box”, the insiders say we are hated now more because women and children have died. I was in a war, stuff like that happens. I dont say that glee, its just a fact. The answer? Its complex to be sure, be strong,  leave there. We have the ability to stop attacks. Let them live in peace. Let our folks come home this second.




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