Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things


one link. a link to your past. Wow! My dad looked like a movie star,got our sitter pregnant.Divorce after divorce, my father says,”look,kid I got this new wife now, see, with kids, you were with my first wife,that was then,this is now.” I ran to the back of the bus, watched him walk out of my life, I was 9.My Mom married a guy 18 years older than she was, he had money and kids. We were trash. He was drunk all the time, my sister… well….I lost myself in school, sports,drama,walking. escaping, and finally VietNam. Being a medic numbs you,insanity doesnt run through you, it stops, says hello. The first body in parts you pick up is the toughest, then it gets easy. My favorite things to the past are not things, (I dont own one) My favorite things were dreams of escape, childhood for me was fantasty. I am happy for you!













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